9 Rules for Working from Home in 2021

9 Rules for Working from Home in 2021

A definitive checklist for working from home

Another week and another lockdown. Many of us are used to working from home by now. Some of us love it, while some of us are hanging out to return to the office.

You are part of an elite guild of estimating magicians, working mathematic miracles as you complete estimates from your home office chair (which is hopefully ergonomic by now).

But if you need a quick reminder on how to get the most out of Expert Estimation while you’re working remotely, here are 9 rules for working from home in 2021.

  • Register your best contact details.
    We need to know how to best get hold of you so we can serve you better.
  • Check out our Knowledge Base articles on installing Expert Estimation locally.
    We have options for working offline to reduce the load on your bandwidth.
  • Stand up and stretch those legs.
    This applies especially if you are utilising the dining room table and chairs.
  • Call Pronamics Support +61 7 3481 9626 and talk to us.
    Whether we’re at home or in the office, we appreciate the contact – from human or other.
  • Get online and chat to our Support Team.
    Not a phone person? Type instead. Bonus points if you score Ben in the chat!
  • Stop fridge gazing.
    It’s not snack time yet!
  • Follow us on Facebook for posts and updates.
    If you find a funny meme while you’re scrolling, email it to support@pronamics.com.au – please!
  • Stand out in the sunshine for 5 minutes.
    Soak up some Vitamin D.
  • Go save the world!
    The estimating you do today will be the projects that support our economy tomorrow.

Now shove the cat off the keyboard, crank your pandemic survival playlist and get to work.

We’ve got your back.

Got other suggestions for things we should include in our checklist? Let us know!

Want some hints for managing Homeworking & Homeschooling in COVID-19 in general? Brad Egeland of MindGenius has some great thoughts and advice for the challenge that is not going away for quite some time.

Brad has also written about 5 Ways to be an Excellent Project Manager During COVID-19. Now, while we know the kind of project managing you do is not the general, corporate kind, these principles still hold true in any industry, and it’s always good to widen your perspective.