How much does an estimator earn in Australia?

Estimators Earn

Is this the job for you?

Our motto is “More Done, More Fun.” We know estimators like to work hard and play hard—and to play hard, you need to be paid well.

But how much does an estimator actually earn in Australia? Is it enough to buy a house in Rose Bay, or are we looking at a two-bedroom flat at the dodgy end of Rockhampton?

We did some research.

“The average salary for an Estimator, Construction is AU$70,686”

You won’t be living in central Sydney on that, but this was only based on 172 salaries. However, we kept looking.

“The national average salary for an Estimator is $85,000 in Australia. Salary estimates are based on 223 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Estimator employees.”

Getting better, and above average for an Australian wage. bases its figures on only 465 salaries, but comes out at a median of $110,004 per annum:

“The average estimator salary in Australia is… $56.41 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $88,313 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $165,338 per year.”

Now, that’s a nice car or boat —which is where the “more fun” might come in for you, depending on what you’re into.

According to, as of 7 December, 2021, the average base salary for an estimator in Australia is

$93,562 per year. This surveys 863 salaries.

Not too shabby! And if you average those 4 approximates you get $89,813, but as indicated by the above, the potential to earn more is definitely present in the industry.

In the US, base salaries for estimators can vary wildly. A San Francisco Bay Area estimator reported earning $250K+ (and that’s in US dollars! Imagine how much fun you could have with that!). This may seem extreme, but some large general contractors can offer salaries easily in the six figures (with bonuses!) to estimators with a medium amount of experience in other major American cities.

Estimating in the US can differ greatly in process compared to Australia. However, we have talked to some of the most experienced estimators in the country and they all agree that time out in the field is a must, to get a feel for site circumstances and the equipment used. With borders reopening and travel for work becoming more common again, these opportunities will become available to estimators.

If you think estimating is the career for you, rest assured that the earning potential is there! And with all the recent government investment in infrastructure, civil engineering and construction companies will be busy for some years to come!

NOTE: Reported figures may change from the time of publication.