Tips & Tricks Video: Exclude Items from Spread


Manipulate your spread nominations

In addition to manipulating the spread so certain direct cost items have pre-defined sell rates and totals, the Spread Nominations window allows you to control which spread pools are spread across which items.

For example, you may want group of direct cost items to not receive overhead spread, or one item receive only risk and opportunities.

To control which spread pools are spreading across which items, click here to open the properties pane, and refer to this series of check boxes. By default, each item will have all boxes checked, so will receive proportional spread from each of the six spread pools.

When a box is unchecked, the item will not receive spread from this pool.

As always, using the properties pane allows you to modify multiple items at once, so unchecking this box will stop all selected items from receiving overhead spread.

Once we save the changes and refresh the spread results window, we can now see overhead is no longer spread across the selected items, reducing their sell rates and totals. Note that this does not alter the contract value. You’re simply moving the spread around.

Alternative to using the properties pane, you can use the check these boxes which appear in the nominations window here. This is useful for quickly reviewing or and setting your nominations.

For more information about working with spread nominations, check out the knowledge base article we’ve linked below this video.


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