Avoid Multi User Issues With Cost Estimating Software

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You start your day, coffee in hand, firing up your computer to open a spreadsheet and edit an estimate. You’ve got lots of work to do. The deadline is next week!

A message appears on your screen. “This spreadsheet is locked by ‘someone’. Would you like to open it in Read-Only mode?”

NO! You don’t want to read the spreadsheet. You need to work on it! Time to find that ‘someone’ and ask if they could please get out of the spreadsheet so that you can get your work done. You get to that ‘someone’s’ desk only to be told that they are on holiday in Bali for a week and won’t be back until next Tuesday. The estimate is due on Wednesday! GREAT!!!

It would be really useful if two or more people could edit a spreadsheet at the same time, even when someone goes away on holiday.

“But what about data integrity?” I hear the masses cry.

“What if two people edit the same cell at the same time?”

Good question.

Never fear! Estimating applications built with multi-user functionality at their core take care of these things. No worries. This is one reason they are far ahead of spreadsheets for estimating projects.

How does it work?

Each user can view the same project at the same time and can have data formatted to suit each user’s particular task. Editing a section or cell will lock it as “read-only” BUT… as soon as that user hits save, all viewers are prompted to refresh and the new data is shown to all. In the case of things like resources and schedules, hitting save doesn’t even require the refresh — calculations automatically roll through live… if you have the right software.

Collaborative work on projects is critical for business efficiency.

All estimates require review and large estimates are simply not achieved in a feasible amount of time by a single estimator. With many elements dependent on the other, being able to jump in and draw data from one section, even while another user works in the same section, is extremely important for business efficiency.

What about multi-user security?

Industry-leading cost estimating software has inbuilt security features for multiple users. Whether locking particular sections to “view only”, controlling user access and permissions, or hiding particular windows, businesses can keep their estimates secure with customised options to streamline their estimating process.

Why Multi = Hyper when you have the right business tool.

Using dedicated estimating software with tried and tested multi user functionality brings businesses into a new era of hyper-productivity because the time it takes to do a job is then limited only by the number of people they can dedicate to it. Estimators can also work simultaneously on the same projects from different locations as well.

So avoid the pain of spreadsheets or using software that doesn’t sort data or function reliably with multiple users. Improve your business efficiency. Be an expert estimator and use specialised software you can trust that safely drives a team culture and improves productivity. You can easily avoid multi user database issues when estimating. There are cost estimation solutions that help you get your job done faster and more efficiently, even when staff go on holidays to Bali.

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Better get back to work. Your coffee might be getting cold and you’ve got projects to estimate.


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