Estimating Systems are Like Cars



A Honda civic will get you from A to B, but a Lamborghini is just that little bit nicer in every way….

There are plenty of estimating packages out there, but they tend to be highly specialised for a particular field of estimation. They rarely have features like Cash Flow and Code Sets, as these are seen as “accounting package problems” or “project management software problems”, so they don’t provide them.

They also don’t usually provide Matrices. For mining/bulk haulage jobs, it’s a necessity. And if you aren’t sure if Matrices are for you, check out our recent article on them here.

Another simple feature that not every package offers is the “undo” button. With Expert Estimation you can undo and redo actions without fear of breaking calculations. Can you imagine not being able to put your car in reverse?

But the 24/7 Australian Based tech support is often listed as the best feature. It’s the roadside assist, servicing and even valet parking when you want and need it.

Our clients know that if they need our help, they are going to speak with someone in this room in Brisbane. This is the room where the development happens. The team know the software like the back of their hands and want to resolve client issues quickly.

We’re a small dedicated team who see all our clients on a personal level, we understand their frustrations, their goals and their issues.

We know estimators appreciate quality. Which is why we want to give them a decent ride.


At Pronamics, we say what we mean, and we mean what we say. We value honesty and encourage all stakeholders to present their case in a friendly, professional manner.

We agree to work cooperatively to find the best possible solutions. We always remain open to dialogue and change.