Tips & Tricks Video: Substitute Resource Feature


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Ever get halfway through a job and realise that you need to change the way you’re doing things? Of course you do – it’s part of what makes you flexible and proactive as an estimator!

The Substitute Resource feature is a helpful tool if you’re partway through building a project and decide you need to swap one resource for another.

If you want to use a different piece of machinery, for example, because the one you selected simply isn’t suitable anymore. Select the resource to be replaced, click ‘substitute resource’, enter the replacing resource here. And you’re done.

So now where ever the smaller truck was used the larger truck is now used in its place. See the ‘use in project’ column in order to confirm this.

This feature is also helpful if multiple resources have accidentally been setup for essentially the same thing, like what you see in the video. You can click and drag to select multiple resources, click substitute and then consolidate the usage into one resource. The duplicate resources can now be deleted, cleaning up your estimate and schedule and ensuring only what needs to be there is there.

And that’s an introduction to the Substitute Resource Feature in Expert Estimation.

Watch the video in YouTube.


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