Valentine’s Day 2023 – Why We Love Estimators

Valentines Day


Love languages are important, because love means different things to different people! When it comes to showing love to our estimators, we like to:

Be available when they need to talk

24/7 support is important because estimators work at all hours. We’ve got to know many of our clients over the years and are always ready to listen when they want to talk.

Fix their issues

It’s not just about listening! We get in and help solve their problems, or tackle their issues so they have a better experience or get the information they need.

See them in person!

Whether it’s an office visit or evening drinks, we try to catch up face to face with our estimators. All the technology in the world can’t replace the connection you get when you spend time with another human being.

Provide them with useful knowledge

Whether it’s full day training sessions, online video courses or support calls, we constantly improve the content and quality of the information we are sharing with our estimators. We want them to use Expert Estimation and Expert Project to its full potential, and that means teaching them how to achieve that.

Thank them for their hard work

We are privileged to know many great estimators. They work on infrastructure projects that provide us transport, energy, resources and more. They do long, hard hours and are often under a great deal of pressure.

So here’s to our estimators!

Happy Valentine’s Day 2023!


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We agree to work cooperatively to find the best possible solutions. We always remain open to dialogue and change.