Estimate like an Expert

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what is an estimator

And why would you want to be one?

At its heart, estimating is simply calculating a budget for a task.

This could be as basic as grocery shopping just before payday or finding a phone plan to suit your needs. It could be planning a wedding and juggling the costs associated with that (not to mention working out what’s actually necessary and what’s nice-to-have… a celebrant is important, maybe a hundred white doves aren’t.)

So really, you estimate every day.

This applies especially if you run a small business. You can calculate jobs with a pen and paper, or even a spreadsheet, but the most efficient and effective way of estimating, is to use an estimating software package.

This allows you to find errors quickly, find places to save money and create accurate estimates every single time.

You don’t need to be an industrial estimator to use these tools!

I know what you’re thinking… “That looks complicated… I won’t be able to use this.”

The best estimating packages use the same principles, as well as the tried and tested formulas of industrial scale software, but cater for the specific needs of a smaller business.

Just like wedding planning, where a venue and a celebrant are pretty essential, this tailored version of estimating software has all the important features.

It will help you control overheads and create templates, but doesn’t overload you with components specific to multi-year projects (like matrices and cash-flow predictions). This makes the software as reliable as the industrial-scale version, but far more accessible, giving you the tools you need to find that money that keeps slipping away!

It also gives you that professional edge over your competitors, with easily generated, standardised reports, as well as access to 24/7 Support to help you out if you get stuck.

Life is meant to be easy. Why not make it that way?

Stop living life the hard way. Become a true estimator by using an industry-leading estimating package, made for your specific needs. Find all of that money once again… like that one missing sock…

…we can’t guarantee finding the missing sock though!