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What goes into updates and why do I need them?

Software is continually evolving. The apps on your phone require updates, as does your phone itself. Often your device forces you to automatically update, sometimes it gives you the option.

Expert Estimation gives you the option. We release two major updates a year, with a number of minor quality updates. We notify you via email, social media and in the application itself, with details on what has changed.

We always recommend you keep your version of Expert Estimation up to date.

But why update?

If the program you use works fine, why do developers insist on tinkering with it? Well, often it is because users want more features—they want to be able to do more within the application. Updates are often made to make things run faster, transfer greater amounts of data, not to mention have a friendlier or more modern interface.

Sometimes it’s for reasons beyond the developers’ control—like the update of digital infrastructure.

What does that mean?

Imagine the first cars. The engines were designed differently, components were often heavier and larger than what is available today. They weren’t as fuel-efficient, couldn’t go as fast, or carry as many people.

It is a similar situation with software. Not only does hardware improve, but the environment in which software runs gets updated. Whether liked or not, progress marches forward, so the developers who write code need to adapt and keep up with the changes.

It’s like trying to run a Model T Ford on a multi-lane freeway. It’s going to be overtaken, and may even be dangerous!

So, you’re saying software updates are necessary?

Absolutely. As digital infrastructure changes, the code languages in which applications are written become obsolete. Most software will persist in the same code language for as long as is viable, but eventually a full rewrite becomes necessary.

It’s like building a brand new, purpose-built hospital, rather than tacking on new buildings, refurbishing old rooms, and maintaining frayed electrical systems.

This lets more efficient systems run and more people get the benefit.

I have a lot of data in there, how do I know an update is safe?

Data is critical in this. Expert Estimation has a variety of options to keep your project information secure, including setting savepoints and storing project backups. If you aren’t sure how to do this, we have articles on both these options, and our 24/7 Support team can talk you through it.

Backing up your projects before running an update is best practise, as is running an update when no one is working in the application. Again, our Support team can assist, so you are always working on the optimal version, with up-to-date data.


Check out the Pronamics Knowledge Base. There is an article on every feature in Expert Estimation and Expert Project. These articles are free to access and can be searched and bookmarked for later reference.

We update articles every time a new update is released. You can read the Release Notes with all of the new features, application enhancements and bug fixes for each update. And you can always call our 24/7 Support line on +61 7 3481 9626 with any questions!


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Glen Townsley is the founder of Pronamics, and has spent over 30 years building estimating software after a successful career as a civil estimator and project manager.