Project Analysis in Expert Estimation

Pronamics Expert Estimation - General Estimating


Genesis Edition only

The Project Analysis window provides you with an in-depth interactive analysis of the distribution of all costs associated with your project.

The analysis has an extensive number of formatting options to allow for a broad spectrum of project data to be presented in a hierarchical grouping layout.

Each row details collective totals of proceeding nested lines including Resource Type totals and the percentages of the project’s Cost and Sell totals.

The contextual ribbon menu for the Project Analysis provides the ability to display additional columns of information regarding the Resource Units used within the project. A new column will be added to the right of the Project Analysis representing either the Unit Total or Rate for the selected Resource Unit in the project.

After formatting the Project Analysis, the data can then be represented as a report. The Project Analysis Report is displayed by clicking the Project Analysis Report button from the ribbon menu.


You can change the format of the display by clicking the Change button, in the bottom left-hand corner in the Options section of the analysis window.

With default formatting, the information presented in the Project Analysis window will look relatively similar to the Project Summary window.

Hide Zero-Value Summary Items

When this option is checked, any data points that have a total value of zero will be filtered out of the report and not displayed.


In the Formatting options grid, you have the ability to add extra analysis rows to break down the project estimated costs into various detail levels. You can create Project Analysis levels for:

  • User Defined Column
  • Schedule Item
  • Resource Type
  • Resource Type Category
  • Base Resource

Note: When using the User Defined Column level, you will need to select the user define column you wish to use from the Type column.

Once you have set the levels you wish to display in the Project Analysis, you can set display options for each detail level.

These options can be accessed by double-clicking the edit icon from within the Option Summary column. This will open the Grouping Options window with the following options.

Limit Number of Category Levels Displayed To

This option controls how deep into the Resource Category hierarchy the grouping level will display.

If checked and set to a value of 0, you will only see Resource Types. If set to a value of 1, you will see Resource Types and first level Category subfolders.

This option is only available for the Resource Category Detail level.

Limit Number of Displayed Results To

This option will only show the number of results defined in the grouping level, plus an additional line that details the remaining entries that were not displayed.

Set the Primary Background Colour To

Allows you to set the entire row background colour.

Set the Secondary Background Colour (Gradient) To

Allows you to define a gradient colour for the row selected.

Once all formatting options have been set, you can apply them to the Analysis by clicking the Apply button, in the bottom left-hand corner in the Options section of the analysis window.


In addition to the detail level highlighting, you can set individual cell highlighting within the Project Analysis window by clicking the Colour Cells button from the Project Analysis ribbon menu. Once a row(s) has been selected, clicking the Colour Cells ribbon button will allow you to apply a primary and secondary background colour to individual cells in the selection.

Note: By default, the Secondary Colour will be set to the same background colour as the Primary colour.

The Primary and Secondary colours of each row can be reset back to default at any time by clicking the Reset Colours button from within the Project Analysis Colour Options window.


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