Tips & Tricks Video: Predefined Units of Measure


Create a pre-populated list of units that will appear in unit drop downs

The Predefined Units of Measurement feature, which is part of the Server Policies module, gives you the ability to create a pre-populated list of units that will appear in unit drop downs and enable validation on specific components of your projects. It effectively promotes consistency through the use of predefined units.

The checkboxes let you choose which units to make available for different windows and elements of a project. The Units policy can be accessed by multiple users in all projects on that server.  Access can be controlled via Security if required.

If you change to a project on a different server, the Predefined Units of Measurement configuration on the different server will be applied.

Here is where you can enable or disable the validation options on specific components of our project.   Each unique unit that is not successfully validated will raise a Project Message, identifying when an area of the application doesn’t follow the defined Units Policy.  Project Messages will show you one message per distinct unit.

You can double click on one of the server policy project messages in the project messages window to open the relevant window, filtered to elements, using the units mentioned in the units description.

For example:

If you would like the unit MHR to be available (by default) for all Base Resources, type “MHR” into the text field above the grid, and then click ‘Add’. This adds “MHR” to the list of pre-defined units.

However, without assigning it to an area of the application, it will not appear in a drop down.  In this example, because we want it to only appear for Base Resources, we can check the box in the Base Resources column.

MHR will now appear in the units drop down for Base Resources for all the projects on that Server, but not in any other areas (unless it is specifically used).

And that’s an introduction to Predefined Units of Measure in Expert Estimation.