Server Configuration in Expert Estimation

Pronamics Expert Estimation - General Estimating


Secure and backed up is the way to go

The Server Configuration Portal allows you to configure the appropriate server security and set automatic project backup options.

This portal is not located within the Expert Estimation application itself, but can be reached by right-clicking the server icon that sits in the bottom right-hand corner of the application and selecting Open Server Configuration Portal. Once selected, your default web browser will open to display the Portal. For best functionality, we recommend using Chrome as your browser.

Alternatively the portal can be accessed by navigating to your local host on the server machine or by entering the the Server URI from any remote machine, so long as the user has privileges to see the portal and the network is setup to allow remote access.

Server Configuration Options

From within the Server Configuration Portal, you can set Server Options, Create User Profiles and specify who has access to the Server Configuration Portal. You can also Group these users together and Assign Privileges to groups on a project or folder basis.

Finally you can enable and configure the Automatic Backup Options and also view the currently Connected Users.

Note: Some functionality of the Server Configuration portal will not load in any version of Internet Explorer.


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