Top 10 Time Saving Tips for Expert Estimation

time saving tips


Several years ago, Pronamics produced our top ten hidden gems designed to help you get your tenders out quicker. This was for Expert Estimation 2014.

  1. F2 key functions
  2. Keyboard shortcuts
  3. Common phrases
  4. Copy Assist
  5. Headings and sections
  6. Clearing settings
  7. Append of replace cost estimates
  8. Creating Relative formula
  9. Finding Unfinished items
  10. Go to Line

For Expert Estimation Genesis, we’ve since revised our top ten as some better features exist in the newer application. It was challenging to whittle it down, but we have a new shortlist.

Top 10 Time Saving Tips
  1. Keyboard shortcuts – most common commands from various menus have keyboard shortcuts which are faster than right clicking. See our list of keyboard shortcuts here.
  2. Common phrases – you can insert user defined statements (including formula) into selected comment fields.
  3. Data Relay – sort and find similar items in another project to bring into your current project.
  4. Import and Export Settings – move user settings such as common phrases, colour settings or report configurations between machines.
  5. Append or replace cost estimates – you can copy an estimate to the clipboard then paste to selected cost schedule items. You can append or replace any existing cost estimates.
  6. Go to Line – Ctrl + G will bring up a dialogue window allowing the user to jump to a nominated line.
  7. Next and Previous in Cost Estimates – The Ctrl +Left or Ctrl + Right hotkey will allow you to quickly navigate between cost estimates.
  8. Properties Pane – bulk edit values for all selected items.
  9. Filters and the second filter page – sort lines based on values present in a column, then refine your search to drill down further.
  10. F3 search – search just one screen, whereas Ctrl + F will search the whole project.

What’s your favourite tip for using Expert Estimation? Were there any on the lists above that you didn’t know of? Are there any you would like to learn more about?

Email or call 07 3481 9666 to share for the next time we update our Top 10 Time Saving Tips. Remember you can always lodge feature requests and talk to us about upcoming developments or improvements.

Save time this year with Expert Estimation.


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