Tips & Tricks Video: IF Statements


If you have a condition, we can check it!

If statements in Expert Estimation allow you to run a condition check on two values and return one of two results depending if the condition check is true or false.

Let’s see an example. First type ‘IF’, open parenthesis, then the condition to check, comma, the result if it is true, comma, then the result if the condition is false close parenthesis. This formula will check if the schedule quantity of an item is less than fifteen and will return zero if It is and 5 if it is not. This formula allows you to automatically add an additional 5 hours of the basic labour resource if the quantity is 15 or greater.

You can use ‘IF’ formula as a part of a larger formula also. This formula here will produce a result of 5, if there are greater than 10 units of manhours in this cost estimate, and zero if not. This formula will check if the quantity is greater than 5, then return the quantity multiplied by 1.15 and 5 if not. The result will also be rounded up to the nearest whole number.

For more information, including a complete list of formula check out our knowledge base.

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