Top 6 Sanity Saving Tips for Expert Estimation

sanity saving tips


A few weeks ago we released our up to date list of Top Ten Time Saving Tips for Expert Estimation Genesis. For the ones that didn’t strictly make the time-saving list, we’ve compiled another!

Top 6 Sanity Saving Tips
  1. Headings and sections – make large projects more manageable with headings and sections that can be expanded and collapsed.
  2. Project Messages – set warnings or errors so you don’t miss any important calculations.
  3. Prompt On Close – stops you accidentally closing Expert Estimation when you only mean to close a project.
  4. Autosave – automatically save changes so you can have confidence the project is backed up.
  5. Save Report Configurations – gives very fast access to a range of customised reports with a click of a button.
  6. Colour Customisation – alternate background colours for reports.

What’s your favourite tip for using Expert Estimation? Were there any on the lists above that you didn’t know of? Are there any you would like to learn more about?

Email or call 07 3481 9666 to share for the next time we update our Top 6 Sanity Saving Tips. Remember you can always lodge feature requests and talk to us about upcoming developments or improvements.

Save time and your sanity this year with Expert Estimation.


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