Tips & Tricks Video: Unfinished Rates & Totals


Calculate even unfinished items

By default, all unfinished items are excluded completely from project calculations.

Here’s a simple example project with just a handful of direct cost items. The resource usage in these unfinished items is excluded from the usage information seen in the resource explorer, and the costs are excluded from the project summary window, and so on.

If you’d prefer to review the information of unfinished items, you may open project properties, access calculations, and check this option to Display Values of Unfinished Items.

This will allow you to review the estimated rates and totals of unfinished items, see them included in summations on the schedule, review the resource usage information in the resource explorer, and reports, and see them included in the project summary information. Because the items remain in an unfinished state, this will not trigger a spread calculation.

For more information, check out the knowledge base article we’ve linked below this video.

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