Masterclasses are almost here!

Pronamics Face-to-Face Training Course


Upskill with these intensive short courses.

Pronamics has upgraded its training offerings once again. Masterclasses are back on the calendar after a significant re-write of existing manuals and the addition of two brand new courses.

While the Advanced Expert Estimation full day course opens the door to more complex aspects of Expert Estimation Genesis features, the following Masterclasses provide a deep dive into:

  • Coding and Cash Flow
  • Margin and Spreading
  • Matrices (NEW!)
  • Quotation and Subcontractor Comparisons (NEW!)

Different in format to the full day courses, Masterclasses will run for 3 hours with a short break, drilling into how that feature works and can be used, saving estimators time and money by increasing efficiency. Participants will take home a manual and have access to 90 days of our Online Training videos.

Completion of the Advanced Expert Estimation Genesis full day course is highly recommended before joining any of our Pronamics’ Masterclasses. Check out our Training Calendar for dates and registration forms.

If you’d like more information, give us a call on the training line (+61 7 3481 9686) and chat to one of the team about the experience you have and what you want to learn, or take the quiz.  We are here to help our users increase their expertise and rise above.