Overhead Cost Schedule in Expert Estimation

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Overheads are costs that are required for the completion of a project but are not presented to the client on submission. Sometimes known as indirect costs, these usually include items such as insurances, site-establishments or administration.

The Overhead Cost Schedule provides users with an area where they can:

  • Build up costs that are indirectly required to be completed. That is they contribute towards the total cost of performing the job, but they are not presented to the customer.
  • Utilise formula or mathematical equations to calculate a quantitative value for an item.
  • Set the current state of an item.
  • Format the schedule into sections.

When you first open the Overhead Cost Schedule the main grid area is where all your Overhead Cost Items are displayed. These items indirectly affect the final Project Total.

Unlike Direct Cost Schedule items, Overhead Cost Schedule items will not be displayed on any client submission reports. This is due to the Overhead Cost items already being spread across the available Direct Cost items.


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