4 Factors of a Winning Tender. Your Competitors Don’t Want You to Read This!

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A well-presented, accurate, WINNING TENDER!

Your competitors are chomping at the bit to get ahead in this industry: they’re ready to try anything to win tenders. You can have the unique upper hand – read on to find out how!

1. Presentation is key

Gone are the days of clients and reviewers struggling to read tenders. With the ability to create clear and concise reports and analysis tools, you are placing yourself in the best possible position to win. Don’t worry about the hassle of formatting a spreadsheet to look beautiful: grab some software that can put in the hard work for you!

2. Number validation

When your reviewer asks “why does this item cost this much?” you can feel in control of the situation with easy to print cost estimates. While you confidently hand over a single page of calculations, your competition is racking their brains, shuffling their papers nervously and biting their nails because their tender seems far less organised than yours.

3. Resuable data in a flash

Reusing cost estimate build-ups has never been easier. Copying and pasting an entire cost estimate in a spreadsheet is challenging, as different quantities need to be manually pro-rata’d. This reduces efficiency dramatically. Using the right estimating software increases that same efficiency by automatically asking whether or not to pro-rata when special pasting a cost estimate. With copy and paste buttons in most windows, rehashing information is a breeze!

4. Number validation

Take the work out of using multiple spreadsheets to compare one resource! While your competitors are searching through countless sheets to find a single rate, you’re way ahead with dedicated windows, allowing you to analyse all of the necessary information for the quote. Just update your quoted rate and you’re good to go.

Although your competitors may think they have the upper hand with formatted spreadsheets and multiple pages describing calculations, your flawless reports and simplified pages will put you far ahead of the crowd.

Your competitors don’t want you to know that you’re ahead of the pack, but just by reading this you’re moving towards it: submit that winning tender with an expert’s estimating package!

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