Pronamics Online Training for Expert Estimation and Expert Project



Listening? Watching? Reading? Doing?

Pronamics Online Training lets you do all of these, so you can get the most out of it.

Listen and watch our comprehensive training videos. Read the closed captions (NEW!) and complete the included exercises.

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So, book Ben or Ken for a good time!




It’s Made to Make You Even Better

Whether you are an estimator, contractor, or manager, we all learn in different ways, so it is important to have training available in different formats to support your individual learning style.

New training videos on the latest additions and improvements to Expert Estimation are in production.

ALSO, for a more inclusive training course designed to stick cool stuff in your brain better, our videos now have closed captions. Perfect for mosh parties, the hearing impaired, if you leave your headphones somewhere, AND for peeps who learn better reading rather than listening.

You’re smart.  You understand the value a flexible online course has for you and those lucky enough to work with you… or for you.

Online course = you can do it anywhere, anytime.

Software For Your Hardware

Pronamics Training offers monthly and annual subscriptions to all video courses for Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Expert Estimation Express & Genesis editions, as well as Introductory Expert Project software.

For $99 per month (ex. GST), you can work at your own pace through each module, or jump around picking exactly the topics you need to optimise your estimates right now.

Keep Your Money And Your Time

Are you feeling snowed under working projects that leaves you feeling tender?  Or did you overspend on snacks for your LAN party last month? If money is tight this month then WE CAN HELP.

Simply hit the pause button to freeze your subscription any time you like – it’s 100% in your control.

If it suits you to study one month, then pause your access, then do it. You can unfreeze and reactivate your subscription whenever you are ready to continue.

Not Tests During Testing Times

Exercises (not the sweaty physical kind) accompany various videos, so you can strengthen your knowledge in a practical way as you progress. And if you have further questions, you will find comprehensive resources in our Knowledge Base.  It covers every feature with detailed articles and explanations. Watch out for our updated and improved Knowledge Base in 2021.

And of course, you know you can call our elite support team 24/7 on +61 7 3481 9626

Now What?

Well done. You have done what most people don’t… invested your most valuable commodity (time) wisely.  You are more likely to save time on estimating and improve your results by watching the new training videos with the latest improvements of Expert Estimation – so you can get more done & have more fun.