Important Expert Estimation Update (

Pronamics Expert Estimation Cost Management and Estimating Software Hotfix Update
IMPORTANT EXPERT ESTIMATION UPDATE BUG FIX Improved the performance of removing spreadsheets from a project. Resolved a number of validation and Autosave issues. Fixed errors relating to copying, inserting and deleting items and lines in Cost Estimates and Cost Schedules. UPGRADE NOW! Check out the release notes for more information! If you would like assistance […]

Estimate Christmas with Pronamics’ Expert Estimation

CAN YOU ESTIMATE CHRISTMAS WITHOUT BREAKING A SWEAT? December is suddenly here… You’ve scrambled to get your last tenders in, so now you can breathe a sigh of relief at the impending break. Then you remember that you’re hosting Christmas this year, and the WHOLE family is coming, even Grandpa Glen and eccentric cousin Ben. […]

Brett Browning (Browning Estimating & Digital Engineering)

expert estimation 30 years
We spoke to BRETT BROWNING, SENIOR ESTIMATOR “I have been using Expert Estimation 2014, Genesis, as well as other estimating platforms as a hands on First Principles Senior Estimator very extensively over a 20 year period. I have swapped in and out of various software as the employer/client requires. I have found though that a […]

Barry Anderson (Latsa)

expert estimation 30 years
We spoke to BARRY ANDERSON, SENIOR CONSULTANT AT LATSA “I first started using Expert Estimation in 2006. I was the Estimation Manager at a major Systems Integrator at the time and needed a program that could handle flexible ways of estimating to replace a restrictive Excel based system. After spending a significant amount of time […]

Joel Norman (Georgiou)

expert estimation 30 years
We spoke to JOEL NORMan, CHIEF ESTIMATOR AT GEORGIOU… “I started using Expert Estimation in 2002 when I commenced work with Macmahons. I believe they were using an alternate estimating package that was DOS-based and they had just introduced Expert Estimation when I started which was a Windows-based package. Previous to this I had only […]

Paul Goostrey (Ertech)

expert estimation 30 years
We spoke to Paul Goostrey, GENERAL MANAGER AT ERTECH… “I started using Expert Estimation properly in 2001 – I’d just moved to Ertech and needed to setup an estimating system quickly. I think my first tender closed around 10 days after starting to use the software – hence how easy it was to set up […]

Glenn Fordham (TRN Group)

expert estimation 30 years
We spoke to GLENN FORDHAM, GENERAL MANAGER AT TRN GROUP… “We first bought Expert Estimation in January 2001, looked at it for a few months before “taking the plunge” and did our first tender with it. It was worlds apart from handwritten notes/workings and MS Excel that we were using at the time. I remember […]

Phil Bird

expert estimation 30 years
We spoke to Phil Bird, one of the original users of Expert Estimation… Back in the late eighties, Phil started out as an estimator after being a Project Manager. Sitting next to Glen Townsley, he helped to beta test the software, finding typos as well as incorrect formulas, making it better with each iteration. As […]