Brett Browning (Browning Estimating & Digital Engineering)

expert estimation 30 years

“I have been using Expert Estimation 2014, Genesis, as well as other estimating platforms as a hands on First Principles Senior Estimator very extensively over a 20 year period.

I have swapped in and out of various software as the employer/client requires. I have found though that a very good server and fast internet is a must with all of them.

What I like about Genesis though is it’s fully functional Windows compatibility specifically in the estimate makeup window where estimators spend 90% of their time; extensive mathematical formulae list; resource drop down list within the estimate makeup window makes it easy to find a resource; resource renaming on the fly without having to go into single user mode and kick all the other estimators out of the estimate; vetting module, etc.

The estimator also has considerable versatility in the estimate makeup screen with significantly reduced number of key strokes which makes the estimator task considerably quicker. The copy/paste functionality from pdf, word, and Excel documents into the estimate makeup window is fantastic.”