Industry Feature: McMahon Services

McMahon Services

McMahon avoided all shocks in Singapore.

While quite a few of Pronamics’ clients are Australian focused, McMahon is one of the many who operate internationally too. PSA Singapore has been undergoing major redevelopment of its facilities and required a highly skilled operator to clear three major city terminals.

Their first project in Asia, McMahon’s Asia Pacific division was engaged to deconstruct and salvage the metal from more than thirty cranes of almost a dozen different types and sizes. Averaging the removal of 100 tonnes of scrap per day for eleven months, this impressive feat was conducted under strict safety regulations.

Risk management for this project involved more than just heights, falls, water and operating heavy machinery in a live port environment. Singapore is considered one of the lightning capitals of the world, and averages 168 lightning days per year.

To avoid unwanted shocks (pun intended), work crews ceased operations and retreated to lightning-safe containers during lightning storms, which added to the tight timeline for the project. Despite this, works were completed on time and with a 99% recycling rate for ferrous and non-ferrous materials—processing of scrap also completed by McMahon.

McMahon’s Asian debut was an impressive success and Pronamics is extremely proud of their achievement.


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