Industry Feature: ETS Vegetation Management

Pronamics Industry Feature
ETS Vegetation keeps it green

With their cheerful green branding, ETS Vegetation Management brings to mind freshly mowed lawns and pruning bushes. The reality is both far grander and, occasionally, more grim—bushfire mitigation is a long-standing branch (pun intended) of their vegetation management division.

Last week I spoke about how critical water management is for preventing post-apocalyptic Mad Max Fury Road scenarios. This week I want to draw attention to the work done to minimise the extent and damage of one of Australia’s most feared natural disasters.

Bushfires are a threat faced by our entire country, albeit at different times of the year. Utility network providers bear significant responsibility to mitigate risk of bushfire, and ETS maintain sufficient resources to allocate whenever and wherever their clients need them.

Clearing vegetation in order to reduce the risk of fiery infernos that result in death and destruction is long, hard work. But once again, gratitude is in order for companies like ETS, who—year after year—endeavour to make life safer for all Australians.

Read more about ETS Vegetation Management here.


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