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Father and Son Business

“Never Hire Family” Is The Best Advice… Glen Ever Ignored

Glen Townsley often tells people “Never hire family” is the best advice he ever ignored. Sceptics never stopped Glen from working for and with his family. His professional software career started from nothing and became a rewarding journey of learning curves and personal growth.

Glen and his team innovated an industry, helping multiple business sectors. He focussed on learning, helping others and developing software tools that people need. The ups and downs have been worth it. Thirty years later Glen has created a successful legacy and is stepping into a new change.

Family is at the heart of it all

In 1984 Glen’s second son Chris was born with cerebral palsy. Working as a professional project cost estimator, Glen wanted to be more available to help support and care for the needs of his family. He taught himself how to write software and pioneered a new estimating program for multiple industries, called Expert Estimation.

Over a decade later…

In 2001 Glen hired his son Ben to help run the estimating and project management software company he had founded. Twenty years ago, software was delivered on CD and the internet was not even a teenager. Glen, Ben and Pronamics have come a long way since then. There have been challenges growing a family business, but Glen’s focus on working through issues together has made the family, and company, stronger and healthier.

In July 2021, Glen celebrated his son Ben, now Managing Director and Lead Software Architect, working 20 years with Pronamics. Glen proudly reminded all of the staff at a celebration event of the best advice he ever ignored, “Never hire family.”

Townsley 2.0: the Next Generation

Ben saw the business begin with an innovative dream, growing from the spare room and expanding into a national and global success. He has been part of the ride for most of his life, witnessing Pronamics from the very beginning.

The company has grown from a one-man endeavour to a multi-million-dollar company with hundreds of clients and thousands of users across the globe, run by a dedicated and fun-loving work team in Brisbane.

Family Values

Glen led by example, instilling family values and having fun at the core of our company. We live this every day at work. This year, when Ben celebrated 20 years growing with Pronamics, Glen made the life-changing decision to finally retire, handing over the reins of his company to his son and daughter-in-law Johanna. He is incredibly proud of them both, the staff, and what the company has achieved.

Glen is confident in Ben’s technical expertise combined with Johanna’s professional vision for the company. Together, they have proven their ability to continue delivering the success Glen started when he innovated the cost estimating industry 30 years ago so he could spend more time with his family.

That is exactly what Glen is now focussed on doing – enjoying more time with his wife, his children and grandchildren, content that he has made a positive difference in people’s lives and their business.

True Success

In life, some people focus on achieving outcomes and business success. Other people aim to help their community, especially family and work colleagues. Glen chose to do both. It’s been a rewarding dream that continues to live on with the next generation.

This Father’s Day, Glen, Ben and Johanna are very proud of each other, and rightly so. Sometimes the best advice is to ignore the guidance of others, trust yourself, and walk your own path with the people you care for, doing what you love with integrity. That takes courage and leads to the kind of life that creates a legacy. Thank you, Glen.


At Pronamics, we say what we mean, and we mean what we say. We value honesty and encourage all stakeholders to present their case in a friendly, professional manner.

We agree to work cooperatively to find the best possible solutions. We always remain open to dialogue and change.

A photo of Glen Townsley

Glen Townsley is the founder of Pronamics, and has spent over 30 years building estimating software after a successful career as a civil estimator and project manager.