Celebrating Family Values in Business at Pronamics

Family Business


National Family Business Day is Friday 17th September 2021. To celebrate we are having morning tea, sharing stories, jokes, and enjoying the atmosphere we have in the office.

At the heart of professional business

Pronamics are a close-knit team of people. We celebrate the fact that we are individuals working together as a team. We are children, parents and grandparents with lives and interests beyond the office and we genuinely care for and take interest in each other. This brings a unique and special value to our experience at work that extends to our clients – a sense of fun and family.

Family values are fundamental to our culture at Pronamics. They are the reason Glen started the company over 30 years ago, why Ben and Joey are so passionate and successful at steering the company, and why so many of us have either worked here for so long or plan to stay long-term. It is a rare work culture and we appreciate it.

We know from experience

Staff and clients are invested in our business because to us, it’s more to us than just a job. Pronamics has an internal dynamic of building relationships, kindness, trust, and clear communication. These are central to what we do and how we do it. Working together like a family is good for business—not just because our team is more cohesive, but also because staff feel valued and nurtured.



On the lunchroom door and above the kitchen sink posters remind us of how to build trust and the Four Agreements by author Don Migeul Ruiz:

  • Be impeccable with your word
  • Don’t take anything personally
  • Don’t make assumptions
  • Always do your best
Fairy God Buddy Week

This is a fun week full or surprises, gift giving, love and kindness where everyone gets to secretly do good things for their buddy. This was inspired by Mindvalley’s ‘Love Week’ experiment that started a movement.

Scales of Just Us

Both a team building and personal empowering exercise we created in-house to help people gain personal insight and discover empowering and disempowering drivers for themselves and their colleagues:

  • love and apology languages
  • values and triggers
  • definition of success and failure
  • motivators and demotivators
  • activities to prevent problems arising and to repair problems when they arise
Core values

We explore our personal and company core values and how, through understanding, we can enhance our teamwork and value to clients.

Personality types and archetypal profiles

This is a fun activity that really is an amazing eye opener into how similar the four human archetypes really are, what we like, dislike, and how we function. It also explains why one archetype of people are all passionate about why the toilet paper has to go over the roll and not under and why other archetypes just don’t care about the toilet paper.

Gift giving

Each year we have Secret Santa, Secret Easter Bunny, and Christmas gifts between Glen and the staff. Sometimes daily we share home-made cakes, guacamole and snacks on the credenza.

Christmas lunch

The tradition is we pick a theme for the year and everyone cooks a dish to share based on the theme. The results are delicious and sometimes hilarious (thanks to Joey). Lunch includes Secret Santa gift giving before and a game of cricket in the office after lunch.

Make Your Own Team Pizza Competition

Teams have to design and make the best pizza. They can be as traditional or experimental as they like. The result is a fun lunch cooked in our staff kitchen and enjoyable contention around the winning pizza.

Thursday night games nights

Some of the staff get together weekly to play games. If COVID restrictions are in place we connect and play online.

Team bonding dinners

A random night of delight, fun and frivolity; we are human after all.

Dev Retreats

A time for the software development team to nerd out together 24/7 for a few days by the water, escape the game play of normal life and come up with amazing new features and improvements. It’s a productive LAN party for the code monkeys, programming primates and cypher imps at Pronamics. Resistance is futile (if <1 ohm).


We value each person’s personality and cultural fit, not only their skillset. We are considerate of people’s personal life, especially when babies are born or children get sick. Staff hang out after work because they want to not because they have to. We nurture our staff and their professional development. We care because that is part of our team ‘family’ culture.

An experience of fun and a sense of family are the heart and soul of why Pronamics excels in delivering value with our software, support and services while maintaining a personal approach to business.