10 Benefits Of Supporting A Charity or Cause

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Make a real difference

You don’t need a big budget or a complex marketing campaign to benefit from charitable contributions. Corporate donations are a tax-deductible way to do good. Large and small companies improve their brand reputation, staff morale, customer loyalty, marketing results, investor interest, and their bottom line.

Companies that support charities are actively doing good, creating positive outcomes and building community in ways that people notice and remember. All good things for a brand, a company, and a charity.

– Nick, founder and CEO of The Mini Farm Project

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

You can start simple and use Ecosia’s free search engine that plants trees when you search the internet. Use products or services that support a good cause or have achieved high sustainability standards. (E.g. Tea & Coffee.) Draw attention by sharing posts on social media or writing blogs about local causes.

Business Benefits From Supporting A Charity

Giving boosts your company brand and bottom line. Helping a charity spreads the word about who you are, what you do, and how you’re making a positive difference in the world. It connects your company and brand to active communities with a shared passion. When people know that your business supports a shared value, cause or charity, they are more inclined to choose your company over another. But the benefits go way beyond that.

The Benefits Stack

Corporate donations of time, services or money sends a powerful message to the world about your organisation’s social responsibility. It also has financial payback by creating tax incentives, expanding marketing opportunities, enhancing trust and building loyalty. Here are ten examples of how it can benefit your company.

10 Ways Supporting a Charity or Cause Adds Value to Your Company
  1. It attracts clients, contractors, business partners, and investors who value your community engagement and want to support what you do, giving you a competitive advantage.
  2. Positive action attracts positive marketing, boosts brand awareness, adds value, and positively affects consumer choices.
  3. When you show you care you attract quality employees who also care about the environment and your company.
  4. It builds a healthy company identity and culture of value. Staff can feel proud of what the company is doing in the community, its mission and methodology.
  5. Your actions go beyond words and prove you are authentic in your support of valuable charities and causes.
  6. It connects you to local, national and global communities which in turn increases your opportunities.
  7. It enhances your chances of free word-of-mouth marketing that leads to improved profits.
  8. It can help you think differently, innovate, or be an industry leader. Innovation grabs attention, which is the greatest currency you can have in advertising and marketing spheres.
  9. You inspire success knowing you are being fair in giving back to your community and helping others.
  10. It’s tax deductible! You can support a charity and reduce your tax. Win! Win!

We support The Mini Farm Project because we have the capacity to do so and their mission is genuinely good. As a business we can grow, succeed and spread the love. We are sharing our success by helping people in our community.

– Ben Townsley, Managing Director of Pronamics

Which Charity To Support?

There are many factors to consider when it comes to selecting your cause. It is worth looking into which charities are aligned with your industry, as well as your personal and company values. What do they actually do and where do they operate? Which charities are well-positioned to benefit from your support and what types of support you can offer? Do they provide opportunities to share your company involvement via website listing or social media post?

Giving back to the community is important and rewarding. Make your business a beacon for a good cause. And if your company is already supporting a charity, contact us and let us know! We love to promote and share other companies and causes on our social media.

The Final Word…From A Charity.

For us, companies with a healthy interaction in their community have a positive impact. They help charities like ours to get much needed equipment and continue the charities mission. It is also an important value add to the company clearly showing the community what the company values and cares about in their local community. Corporate support of charities creates connections, provides positive (and tax deductible) marketing opportunities and adds value in tangible ways that people truly appreciate.

– Nick, founder and CEO of The Mini Farm Project

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