Pronamics Training is Back in the Field

Pronamics Face-to-Face Training Course


Are you ready for a big game?

Borders are opening! People are flying interstate! And while COVID didn’t stop us from running training virtually, we are so excited to get back in the field and see clients in person.

There is nothing like real-life training, and we are determined to give you our best.

Pumped-up Courses

Like a gym-junkie stuck at home swinging dumbbells, we are keen to show off our new PBs.

We’ve updated a whole heap of content. Our full day training courses for Expert Estimation Genesis have been renamed where applicable to bring them in line with our expanding library of online video lessons.

Old Course Name

New Course Name







If you have completed a full-day Pronamics course previously and you want clarity on what topics you have covered, please get in touch with us!

The new Advanced course now includes extra content on Matrices and Cash Flow Scenarios. We know some of you are marathon runners, not just sprinters, so these topics are great for those big projects that run over longer timeframes.

Play at Home with Better Online Videos

Want to practise your moves outside of team practise? If you do participate in a full-day course, you will receive 90 days free access to the online training videos. This is a terrific way to brush up on fundamental skills (and get away with wearing an old tracksuit instead of fancy activewear) as well as check out the new lessons that have been added in the last few months.

New training videos include:
  • Predefined Units of Measure
  • Project Property Display Elements
  • Resource Usage Tree
  • Data Relay
Updated training videos include:
  • Introducing Spread Allocations
  • Spread Allocation based on Entered Percentage
  • Spread Allocation Options
  • Allocating an Item based on Item Value
  • How Nominations affect the Spread Allocation

Remember you can always call our 24/7 Support team on 07 3481 9626 with any questions about the training content. And, like a friendly PT, if you require assistance with projects you are working on, we are always happy to help!

Call us on +61 7 3481 9686 or email to book into the next scheduled course or enquire about our in-house training options. Remember we can come to you!