Excelerate into More Professional Pricing

Pronamics Expert Estimation - General Estimating


Pronamics is renowned for its estimating software, Expert Estimation. But what you may not know is there are three tiers to this product:

    • Genesis
    • Express
    • Excelerate

Each tier, or edition, caters for the different requirements of its users. Excelerate is the first and simplest of the three; a step up from spreadsheets that gives you the professional look and control of industry leading estimators.

Estimating on a non-industrial scale might include anything up to $1 million projects. Family businesses building houses, doing commercial fit outs or renovations are all prime candidates for this, as are subcontractors doing everything from electrical to plumbing to landscaping.

Without the added complexity of matrix items and cost coding, Excelerate allows multiple users to get in and price work with confidence and reliability.

To read more about the specific benefits of using estimating software over spreadsheets, check out our article Estimate like an Expert. In the meantime, consider that Excelerate might be the step up into better cashflow, improved cost control and a faster turnaround on pricing those projects that your business specialises in, or even gaining the confidence to branch out into more diverse areas.

It also has a place ability in businesses that have Express and Genesis for users that don’t need the complexity of the higher tiers.

With 24/7 Australian based phone and chat support, Pronamics in on hand to support all our clients, large and small whenever they need. So consider whether Excelerate is the product that will take your pricing, and business, to the next level.