2022 in Recap

Christmas 2023


We take a look at 2022 in Recap

It’s that time again, where we reflect and look at what we achieved this year, because while we are always setting new goals, it’s important to pause and thank the team for what they have done.

Kicking goals

We began sponsorship of the Redcliffe Dolphins junior team! Giving back to the local community is important to us, and it’s exciting to know these kids are developing their athletic skills and improving their teamwork.

Just keep swimming

Severe flooding in Brisbane cut a number of us off from the office in February. Damaged roads and frightening conditions didn’t stop us from looking out for each other, working from home and providing shelter when needed.

Record Breaking Racing

We thought last year’s win by Wistari couldn’t be beaten. This year, however, saw the intrepid crew of our sponsored yacht not only break the record of the most race starts, but also win in several divisions!

Travel and Training

Managing Director, Ben Townsley, and Sales Coordinator, Ken Woods, attended the Sydney Build Expo in May. Ben, Ken and Marcel Dominique have been conducting Expert Estimation training across the country. Our schedule of training events for next year will be released soon!

Speaking of Training

The Online Training courses were overhauled! New look, new layout, new videos and new exercises mean a great new experience for estimators learning and improving their skills! We’ve structured the courses to progress you through different features and practise the skills straight away.

Tips and Tricks

It’s not just training videos we’ve added to. We’ve put out more free Tips & Tricks videos this year than even before—stay tuned for Masterclass Webinars next year to drill down into specific features.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

We’ve also introduced Metrics to Expert Estimation Genesis. Create a set of ratios or indicators based on the calculated project information. High and low values can be set and when a calculated metric result falls outside of those expected values then the user will be notified through a Project Message.

What will 2023 hold for Pronamics? Stick around and find out!

Our office will be closed from COB Friday 23 December 2022 and return on Tuesday 3 January 2023.

The Pronamics Technical Support Team is still available 24 hours on (07) 3481 9626 over this period. As always, please call us if you need assistance.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!