Apprenticeships for Construction Estimators

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Educational licences for Expert Estimation

Are you an educational institution teaching first principles estimation? Have you considered talking to Pronamics about an educational licence for Expert Estimation?

The Australian Government has increased the list of occupations on the Australian Apprenticeships Priority List, and Construction Estimator is now on it. This means that teaching estimating skills to younger generations is going to be more important than ever, particularly since some senior estimators say it is an aging occupation in Australia.

The opportunity for companies that offer apprenticeships in construction estimating is two-fold: wage subsidies for studying apprentices, and the opportunity to train up personnel in an area where skilled labour is suffering a noticeable shortage.

For apprentices, it gives them the chance to enter into a career that has traditionally required a civil engineering degree. The earning potential that comes with estimating in Australia is significant, not to mention it has the potential to lead to project management, business strategy or even sales.

What does this mean for institutions that teach construction estimation?

It means you could access an education licence of Expert Estimation for free in order to teach first principles estimating to students.

Particularly as the industry moves away from Excel to more specialised software, offering real world technology to apprentices will improve their prospects as they advance into the industry.

Expert Estimation is already used to teach estimating in various universities and training companies. Contact us about how you can utilise the software to make your estimating courses more appealing for apprentice estimators!