Four Things You Need To Know

Pronamics Expert Estimation - General Estimating


Not all estimating software is created equal – before you waste your time and money you need to read this!

When you are looking at a new Estimating System there are four questions you need to ask:

Does it enhance efficiency?

When considering an estimating package one of the first things you should consider is how it will improve your efficiency. Does it have a simplified workflow? Are repetitive tasks quick and painless to perform, or even eradicated through the use of features like Group Resources and Global Settings? And is it easy to quickly build up a new estimate from previously completed projects?

If the answer is yes, then read on.

Is it built for multiple users?

Projects need to be worked on by estimators from many disciplines, across multiple locations – meaning in order to be efficient, collaboration and multi-user access is key. In order for this to be done as efficiently as possible it must be held in a central location and designed from the ground up to handle the competing needs of simultaneous users.

Want to know more about how multi-user systems work? Click here.

Is training available when and how you need it?

We’re all busy, and with restrictions on travel right now face-to-face training is difficult, if not out of the question for many users. This means that training needs be ready and available anywhere, anytime.

Modular online training means that you can fit training in as and when you have time. You can absorb portions of knowledge quickly, following either a structured format (introductory, intermediate and advanced) or dip in and out of specific topics as you need.

Does your potential estimating system have training available online with a graded approach?

What happens when you need help?

You are mere hours from a deadline, and something goes wrong. You can feel the stress building. Can you pick up the phone and speak to a knowledgeable support team who understands your needs and can help you immediately? What if the worst happens on the weekend or during a late night estimating session?

24/7 support is the final piece of the puzzle. If your estimating package ticks all of the above boxes AND provides Australian-based, 24/7 phone support (as well as chat and email!) then you have a clear winner.