5 Ways Cost Estimation Automation Is So Important

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Don’t underestimate the power of automated cost estimating

Estimators know repetitive data entry is frustrating and unnecessary. It wastes valuable time, which costs money. This is particularly true if you are building estimates from scratch but they are almost the same as ones that came before them.

How good would it be if your estimating tool could automate multiple tasks and elements in your estimate? Automated cost estimating would remove the headache of entering the same information and make you more efficient and cost effective in the process! Make it work for you. Estimate like a boss.

1. Compare Subcontractor Quote Comparisons With Ease.

The manual process of adding different quotes to spreadsheets and comparing them effectively can turn into a nightmare. Did you know a first-class estimating software package will allow you to input the different quotes easily then help you customise your quotation comparison, and then provide a clear summary OR a detailed report on all comparisons that you can filter?

This way you can make the best decision for the overall estimate. Adding a new subcontractor quotation and making a comparison is easy and efficient.

2. Complex Data Made Simple. Use A Matrix. Automate Your Templates.

Q: What’s worse than copying and pasting the same set of data multiple times?

A: Copying and pasting the same set of a data multiple times then having to make minor changes affecting that data in multiple locations!

This cost estimation technique in unnecessary. Now an estimating software solution applies matrices that represent collections of related items sharing a common set of attributes. The value of these attributes can then be referenced when estimating the rates of individual units of work. Each item in a matrix can share a common Cost Estimate Template while each item within a matrix is still unique with their own set of attributes.

You can create as many matrices as you need, with tiny changes already applied, so you don’t waste time ensuring that each matrix is manually created correctly. This can even allow you to create further changes down the track with individual cost estimates. The leverage you can get from automating templates is a game changing competitive advantage.

3. Use Global Take Off Sets. Price Once. Apply Again… And Again… And Again!

Calculations are a bore. When the same calculations need to be copied constantly to individual or group items, it is often a struggle to automate. A proprietary estimating package with Global Take Off Sets can keep all of your calculations in the same place, allowing you to see and use these throughout your tender with ease.

No more stress in ensuring you get all the information every time! It’s all there, available for use on any project.

4. Real Time Automatic Calculations You Can Trust Way More Than Spreadsheets.

Cost estimation software automates your processes by reliably doing the calculations for you. You don’t even need to teach it how. Take things to the next level by having real-time automated calculations in your project estimates. This way, you don’t need to tell the program when to run the complex calculation routines. When you make a change, new calculations are instantly applied throughout the project. Estimate like a boss!

You can be confident you and your team (multi-user friendly estimating software is essential) are always looking at the most up-to-date information.

5. Reporting Without Manual Extraction Of Data.

It would be ideal if you could categorise items, then export a report with those categories grouped any way you want with consistent, professionally styled reports that are exportable to PDF, Excel, Word or even an HTML document. An industry leading expert estimation package will also generate and present accurate, clear, and easy to review data reports with branding and watermark tools at your fingertips.


No more wasting time slaving away with manual calculations, repetitious data entry, convoluted quote comparisons, unreliable spreadsheet formula and difficult reporting. Using a dedicated estimating software package will automate, calculate and extricate information to complete tender proposals faster, making your life easier and your team more efficient! Leverage technology. Make it work for you. Estimate like a boss.


To accelerate and accentuate your success rate then calculate your estimate on software designed by experts to allocate, calibrate, automate and validate. Estimate like a boss. Your bids won’t be late and you’ll be thinking, “Cheers mate!”


If you have any questions about cost estimation automation, multi-user capabilities or other beneficial features dedicated expert estimation software can do, find out at www.pronamics.com.au