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Do you use Microsoft Project?

If you google “What is Microsoft Project best used for?” you get the following answer:

If you need to track dependencies, costs, or more complexity, Project works best. You can use Project desktop or Project for the web. You can see your Planner tasks, both individual and team, in the Tasks app in Teams, and you also see your Project for the web projects in Teams using the Project app in Teams.

It’s Microsoft’s answer to team-based project management that is more than simple task allocation. It’s a commonly used platform by many organisations that use other applications in the Microsoft Suite, which is why…

Expert Estimation is designed to work with Microsoft Project!

You have a couple of options. You can program a Cash Flow in Project, export it to Excel and then import into Expert Estimation. Similarly, the Cash Flow can be altered or created in Expert Estimation and then exported to Microsoft Project.

Our Knowledge Base contains an article with the optimised steps for each stage of either of these processes and can be used in the order required.

Read the article here.

Where does Expert Project fit in?

Expert Project is specifically designed to manage real-time costs and budgeting during the lifespan of a project. It can work in conjunction with Microsoft Project as it allows you to analyse, adapt and recalculate estimated cashflow while a project progresses, providing accurate data and allowing you to adjust dependencies and maintain financial control.

Read more about what Expert Project does here.

Handy tools at your fingertips

So if you are looking for solutions to work in with your existing Microsoft suite, talk to our team about how to get the most out of our software. We are always available and always happy to help!


Check out the Pronamics Knowledge Base. There is an article on every feature in Expert Estimation and Expert Project. These articles are free to access and can be searched and bookmarked for later reference.

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