Expert Estimation Training for your Learning Style

Pronamics Face-to-Face Training Course

What’s your Learning Style as an Estimator?

Learning styles differ from person to person, but at Pronamics, we have you covered when it comes to learning about Expert Estimation.

Whether you are a visual, aural or kinaesthetic learner, our self-paced Online Training video courses let you watch, listen and practise the skills required to build up an estimate using first principles.

With over 10 hours of video content, you can charge through each course or spread it out and take your time, according to your availability Each section focuses on a feature, then follows immediately with downloadable exercises so you can apply the methods you’ve just watched and heard.

Not sure what your learning style is? Do a Vark questionnaire to find out what works best for you.

More of a group learner?

Studies suggest that learning in a group can be more beneficial than solo study for many people. Motivation to keep up with the class, as well as out-loud discussion of concepts can serve to keep you more focused.

If that’s the case, why not join one of our open courses, run virtually via Webex or located in your capital city? One of our experienced trainers will lead you and your fellow estimators through features of an Introductory, Intermediate or Advanced level. After each lesson, you will be assigned to a computer to work through the training exercises. The instructor will be there to provide assistance, and you will be able to ask questions and listen to queries from other attendees.

It’s also a great networking opportunity, spending a day with professionals from the industry, making contacts in other companies.

Want to keep it in house?

If you’re still a group learner, but would like to discuss company-specific projects, why not book one of our courses and host in your office? We come to you, covering all travel costs, and teach up to 12 team members at a time, bringing manuals for everyone.

This way you can apply the skills you are gaining straight onto your tenders, focusing on any nuances of specifics there might be. You can also make sure everyone in your team is on the same page, upskilling them all at the same time.

We can also provide custom consulting, rather than following a pre-existing course. This provides more scope for Q&A sessions, or using a feature to suit your company’s workflow.

Want to drill into detail?

We get it—you’ve been using Expert Estimation for years and you’re extremely proficient! But you want to delve into certain features. That’s where our Masterclasses come in.

  • Coding and Cashflow
  • Metrics
  • Subcontractor and Quotation Comparisons
  • Margin and Spreading

These features are explored in great detail in our 3 hour Masterclasses, which are run seminar style, so are ideal for the audio/visual leaners.

So if you’re looking for that edge in your more complex projects and you’ve already completed the Advanced course, register now!

What have you learned from this article?

Hopefully you gleaned that no matter what your learning style is, we have courses and classes to suit you. As for what your estimating style is, that’s up to you!