Tips & Tricks Video: SavvyHelp


Need a hand from an expert?

Wading through product documentation can be intimidating and downright boring. SavvyHelp provides a wide range of avenues for finding information about different features of Expert Estimation easier.

If you see a feature you want to know more about, or if you just need help to get started, you can click on this button and ask Savvy.

You’ll get a bite-sized brief about the window or feature, as well as a list of related topics. If you’re hungry for more detail Savvy will also show the way to our knowledge base where you can feast your mind and become an expert. An expert just like Savvy.

You can also call SavvyHelp by hovering your cursor over icons on the workflow window or over column headings on the grids throughout the program.


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A lot of work goes into generating Tips & Tricks videos, but they are still part of our “More Done, More Fun” culture here at Pronamics.

It’s not just recording the odd video in a funny voice, or editing screen shots with old fashioned star wipes. Creating Tips & Tricks videos requires our training and marketing team to learn the features of Expert Estimation, which in terms strengthens our ability to support our clients.

Check out some of these handy tips & tricks videos.