Tips & Tricks Video: Lock Project


Prevent accidental or unwanted changes to a project

There are few things worse than someone coming in and accidentally changing data in a project that they shouldn’t. Maybe they are new and still learning – maybe they simply didn’t realise the effect their changes would make, or that you were only part way through a certain section of work.

When it comes to safe guarding your data, you can lock a project or go a stage further and apply a project password. Here is an introduction to the useful functionality of ‘locking a project’.

Simply clicking ‘lock’ on the ribbon toolbar will lock the project and convert it to ‘read only’ mode. You will see a small padlock icon appear down in the bottom right hand corner, here, to indicate the project has been locked. 

Locking a project allows other users to freely navigate and review the project without inadvertently making any changes.

They will still be able to make changes if they first navigate to Project Properties and click on the lock to unlock the project.  Again, the icon on the bottom right hand of the screen will indicate the status of the project, whether it is locked or unlocked.

You can think of Project Locking as a simple Read Only toggle.

In order to apply a lock, or a password, to a project there are a couple of prerequisite conditions that must be met.  Firstly, there can be no editable windows in edit mode, including the Project Properties window itself.

As soon as you put the Project Properties window into edit mode you will see that the buttons will grey out.  Secondly, you also need to be the only user working in this project on the server that you have connected to.

And that is an introduction to the easy and convenient Lock Project function in Expert Estimation.