Using Defines in Expert Estimation

Pronamics Expert Estimation - General Estimating


Defines are used throughout Expert Estimation to represent a numerical value that can be applied in the formula field associated with particular elements of the project, such as Cost Schedule Items, Cost Estimate Lines and Take Off Calculations.

Defines allow you to assign a numerical value to a text reference, that can be used as many times as required. This allows you to change a value once, then have it change in multiple places at the same time.

Example: You could set up a define called Project_Duration with a value of 24 and reference the define in calculations throughout the project. If you needed to change all the references from a value of 24 to a value of 36, all formulas that reference the define would recalculate based on the new value of 36.

There are a number of different types of defines within Expert Estimation:

  • Global – these can be referenced in formula throughout the project.
  • Local – these can be applied within the Cost Estimate in which they are created.
  • Automatic – these are defines which are automatically available to be referenced within certain windows.
  • Question – these are applied within Cost Estimates, and prompt you to answer a question during a copy and paste action.
  • Take Off – these are calculated that be referenced in formula throughout the project.

Defines can be used by entering the ‘#’ symbol into the formula field followed by the name of the define that you wish to reference or by selecting a define from the drop-down list.


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