July to December 2024 Training

Pronamics Face-to-Face Training Course


Pronamics is running Expert Estimation Training all around Australia

Check out the schedule here for:

July – Brisbane, Sydney
August – Perth
September – Virtual
October – Melbourne
November – Adelaide
December – Brisbane

What’s included?

There’s no time like now to upskill in Expert Estimation Genesis.

Consider booking into our virtual or face-to-face July to December 2024 training courses, for Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Expert Estimation courses.

What’s the value of full day training?

These full day courses include a hard copy training manual and 90 days access to our online training videos.

Invest in your team’s skills and be confident that everyone is on the same page. What is it worth to you to improve efficiency and save money and time on tenders?

Training days are also a great opportunity to meet with the Pronamics staff who build and maintain the software – get your requests and questions in. Ask us about an office visit while we’re in town – you can see from the training calendar what cities we’re aiming to visit when.

Online Training

Have you checked out the online training? It’s a great way to onboard new estimators and get them up to speed with the software. It’s also handy when it comes to consolidating and extending your learning after a full day’s training.

Look at a $115/month (ex. GST) subscription to online training. Gain access to introductory, intermediate and advanced courses for one low price.

Want a more personal chat?

Call us on +61 7 3481 9686 or email training@pronamics.com.au to enquire about our in-house training options or a consulting visit in your office. You are not limited to the March to July 2024 Training calendar – we can work out a date that suits you.

Don’t forget about our free Knowledge Base!

With articles on every feature in the software, the Pronamics Knowledge Base is great for extending your skills in Expert Estimation.