3 Tips to Improve Cyber-Security in the Construction Industry

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The Australian Cyber-Security Centre is warning of scams targeting construction

Estimators are responsible for finding cost-effective solutions for projects. But did you know that you can save your company money by improving your cyber-security?

The Australian Government is warning of scams targeting the construction industry in particular over the last 6 months. Scammers posing as businesses are falsifying emails to customers, advising a “change of bank details” for invoices, swindling thousands from customers before a real follow up from the business comes through.

With often lengthy payment terms on invoices, construction businesses are particularly vulnerable to this type of scam. And in an industry where cash flow can make or break small businesses in particular, we want our clients to be handing over their hard-earned cash only for legitimate reasons.

We’ve listed the top 3 tips to improve your Cyber-Security in 2021, as listed by the Australian Cyber Security Centre.

Verify payment-related requests

If you receive a request to make a large transfer or to change bank account details, you should verify that the request is legitimate before actioning it. Call the sender’s established phone number or visit them face-to-face before transferring any funds.

Secure your email account

It is recommended that construction companies and related businesses use strong passphrases and enable multi-factor authentication on their email accounts.

Training and awareness

Ensure that your staff are trained to recognise suspicious emails, including fraudulent bank account changes or requests to check or confirm login details. The latter may be a phishing attack which could compromise account security.

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