Resolve Food Insecurity One Farm at a Time

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One Farm and a Time

Food Bank just released their new hunger report for 2022. As part of the statistics nearly 440,000 Queensland households went hungry.

The Mini Farm Project are working on creating a network of charity farms to grow food for people in need all year round. This free food will help charities create urgently needed meals. 

You can find our more about them here:

You can see more in the Food Bank Hunger Report here:

At Pronamics we do what we can to support a sustainable and healthy community and environment. As well as supporting The Mini Farm Project we have gone carbon neutral and recycle where we can. Check out our Carbon Neutral Resource Guide with helpful tips, easy actions and valuable benefits for companies.

Growing for Good
Want to get involved? There is lots you can do!

You can sponsor, donate or buy fresh produce to help feed those in need. The Mini Farm Project strives to resolve food insecurity by creating a network of local charity farms to grow food for Australians who need it.

They partner with local businesses (like us!) and community groups. They also run training programs like those that help long-term unemployed people move out of a cycle of poverty by working with qualified farmers.