Granite Island Causeway

Pronamics Industry Feature

Granite Island is a stunning tourist and recreational destination for residents and visitors of Victor Harbour, with walking trails, fishing spots and places to picnic. Crossing the water to get there, however, is getting a refresh thanks to the South Australian government and McConnell Dowell.

Why does it need a refresh?

The original causeway was approaching end-of-life, and a feasibility study identified that a rebuild was more economical than trying to maintain the existing structure. It also has the benefit of improving pedestrian and disability access, as well as maintaining the existence of the historic horse-drawn tramway.

Any other benefits?

Besides the obvious economic benefits of enhancing this iconic tourist site, the new causeway will include interpretive signage, public art, and is designed to pay respectful acknowledgement to the traditional custodians of the area.

What does McConnell Dowell have to do to complete the job?

Pre-fabricated concrete piles have already been driven in using barges across the 650m wide expanse between the island and the mainland. The 6m wide new causeway is close to completion, including tram line and new boat landing facility. It will open in early 2022 and then the decommissioning and removal of the majority of the old structure will take place.

Get the bird’s eye view

To get an idea of the full scope of the project, visit the virtual room to watch the concept video on the causeway rebuild. South Australia has plenty more infrastructure projects on the go, so we will no doubt see a number of Pronamics’ clients using Expert Estimation to bid for those works!


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