Cyber-Security Month 2022

Don't make these estimating mistakes


October is Cyber-Security Month 2022

Last year we spoke about cyber scams targeting the construction industry. Since October is Cyber-Security month 2022, we thought it a good idea to revisit the advice designed to keep you and your data safe.

  • Verify payment-related requests
  • Secure your email account
  • Offer training and raise awareness

Taking the time to confirm bank details and check a company’s legitimacy is a small step that could save you thousands. But there are other tips from the Australian Cyber Security Centre:

Have you been hacked?

The ACSC encourages businesses and private citizens to walk through their “Have you been hacked?” tool with quizzes, scenarios and information on how to best respond.

Consider your email too, as it is a critical part of your online identity and contains the key to critical information.

The ACSC has resources for kids and seniors, as well as small businesses which can be used to do a health check on your business. Become aware and share!

Check out the ACSC resources here.


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