expert project update (12.0.300)

to see or not to see … the Budget Analysis  We have added the ability to control which users can access the Budget Analysis window in a multi-user project. Giving you greater control over your project and team. the full list of changes Please review this list carefully as it may contain alterations to existing functionality and features […]

expert project update (12.0.200)

…and do more – here’s the top 4 budget analysis window Allows users to view the Original, Progressed, and At Completion Resource Type values. mandatory fields for cost records Users can define the required information needed to create a Cost Record. snapshot Snapshot allows users to monitor core aspects of multiple projects as they progress […]

Cost To Complete Update (5.0.200)

Version: 5.0.200 Listed below are changes that have been made in Cost To Complete. Please review this list carefully as it may contain some alterations to existing functionality and features which can affect the way the program is used and features that are available. If you require further explanation of an item, please contact Pronamics […]

expert estimation update (1.1.7058.0)

top 4 reasons this update will excite you export/import user settings Easily take your settings to a new machine or share them with your colleagues. Click here to watch the Tips and Tricks demonstration video. individual resource flow analysis Track individual resource usages and rates over the lifetime of a cashflow. legacy shortcut key option […]

F10 makes a return in Expert Estimation’s April update

press your favourite buttons in expert estimation’s april update! F10 and F11 just the way you like it select the legacy shortcut key option to control how you finish (and unfinish) still using expert estimation 2014 or earlier? upgrade now…we’re ready when you are! see what comes up next week p.s. my favourite f-word is […]

It never rains but it pours!

Due to a severe weather event occurring today in South East Queensland, we have been advised that telephone and internet communications may be interrupted at our head office in Brisbane. Our Townsville disaster recovery support centre has been activated; however, services in that region may be interrupted due to cyclonic events in that area earlier […]

A revealing look at Expert Estimation’s April update

let’s take a peek! thing one – see more tap into your individual resource flow, select specific resources and watch their usage over time thing two – do more select which group resources to include the next time you run a group resources report we’ll reveal more soon… upgrade now…we’re ready when you are!