Industry Feature: Georgiou

Pronamics Industry Feature
Georgiou gets involved! A business is more than just a business. It’s part of a community. Georgiou values education, communication and diversity so their community involvement extends beyond just giving people jobs and building bridges and roads. Georgiou values learning from the past to build an equal future. They were the first construction company in […]

Industry Feature: Macmahon

Macmahon Rides for Research 3 Years in a Row. Every year since 2017, a team from Macmahon has participated in the MACA Cancer 200, where riders raise money for cancer research for the Perkins Institute by riding 200 km from Perth to Mandurah. While 2020 prevented the usual en masse cycle, Macmahon donated protective masks […]

International Differences In Cost Estimating Techniques

Pronamics Expert Estimation - General Estimating
Which TECHNIQUE Is Best And Why Australia Uses First Principles Estimating Relates to: Which type of project cost estimating technique is the most accurate method? Overview (1 minute read) Estimating techniques depend heavily on what country you are in; not which method is most accurate. In Australia, largely due to low population density, large distances […]

Want to be a Pronamics Featured Client and save $ on your licence purchase?

Become a Pronamics Featured Client Did you know you can save money on your new licences by becoming a Featured Client? Over the last year, Pronamics has posted about dozens of clients and other companies in the industry for the fascinating work or interesting projects they undertake. Organisations that have opted to take the Name […]


Angelo Costanzo! While most people’s answers were correct, we were impressed by Angelo’s second answer for week two where he went above and beyond by accurately naming the species of camel as Bactrian. Angelo also made sure he entered all three weeks to increase his odds of winning – it’s all about the numbers. Angelo […]

Industry Opportunities: January 2021 Tenders

JANUARY 2021 TENDERS Do you specialise in government work in Australia? Make sure you check out the latest tenders listed on the AusTender website (January 2021 Tenders). We love to share Industry Opportunities. We also to love to hear about your successes, past and present. Don’t forget to get in touch if your company has […]

Industry Opportunity: Refer and Earn in 2021

Earn a reward when you refer a new client and they purchase! At Pronamics we pride ourselves on our Australian-made amazing software and 24/7 customer support. We know your word is worth listening to, and we also believe that when it comes to marketing, users who already love our product, are the best advocates to […]