Expert Estimation: the Advent of Windows

GLEN’S SOAPBOX – A history of Expert Estimation It’s the thirtieth anniversary of Expert Estimation this year, and it’s made me reflect on the history of the product. As I mentioned last week the first version of the software was similar in structure to all other DOS based programs, but freed them to roam the […]

Glenn Fordham (TRN Group)

We spoke to GLENN FORDHAM, GENERAL MANAGER AT TRN GROUP… “We first bought Expert Estimation in January 2001, looked at it for a few months before “taking the plunge” and did our first tender with it. It was worlds apart from handwritten notes/workings and MS Excel that we were using at the time. I remember […]

Phil Bird

We spoke to Phil Bird, one of the original users of Expert Estimation… Back in the late eighties, Phil started out as an estimator after being a Project Manager. Sitting next to Glen Townsley, he helped to beta test the software, finding typos as well as incorrect formulas, making it better with each iteration. As […]

Malcolm Bell

Mal Bell witnessed the very birth of Expert Estimation… In late 1980s, Mal worked with Glen Townsley and did his best to break the new software in his spare time. Even after Glen moved on, Mal used the software to cross-check estimates done on other programs, providing feedback to Glen in order to fix bugs […]

Expert Estimation: the Early Days

GLEN’S SOAPBOX – A history of Expert Estimation It’s been a while since I’ve reminisced on the origins of Expert Estimation, but it’s coming up to the thirtieth anniversary this November, so it’s made me reflect on how far we’ve come. When I started in an estimating department, all estimates were paper-based. That’s right, we […]