How to become an Estimator

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HOW CAN I BECOME AN ESTIMATOR? Thinking about Estimating as a career? We’ve talked about reasons it might be right for you, and the earning potential it has. We’ve talked about how Construction Estimator is now on the Australian Apprenticeships Priority List as the government tries to encourage the teaching of estimating skills to younger […]

Green Steel will Revolutionize the Industry

green steel
WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD FOR GREEN STEEL? Innovation And Clean Energy Transform The Steel Industry Worldwide Steel is the backbone of modern industry. Every year over two million tonnes of iron alloy are produced and steel manufacturing directly employs more than six million people. (Source: The demand will not slow down any time soon. […]

3 Rules for Best Practice Estimating

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Glen’s Soapbox – Best Practice Estimating Want to avoid the pitfalls talked about in Do You Make These Mistakes In Your Estimate? Follow these 3 rules to ensure you follow best practice no matter what you estimate. Best Practice Rule #1 – Break it down The most important thing to do when starting an estimate […]

Estimate like an Expert

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what is an estimator And why would you want to be one? At its heart, estimating is simply calculating a budget for a task. This could be as basic as grocery shopping just before payday or finding a phone plan to suit your needs. It could be planning a wedding and juggling the costs associated […]

Green Steel

green steel
WILL GREEN STEEL GET THE GREEN FLAG? Steel yourself for an industry overhaul Steel. It is by and far one of the most important materials in the infrastructure sector. Whether you build roads, railways or ships, steel is essential. The history of steel is a long one, from meteoritic alloys to gradual improvements in iron […]