Celebrating Queensland Small Business Month at Pronamics

Queensland Small Business


We’ve been a Queensland small business for more than 30 years, and a family business to boot. When most small businesses fail within the first twelve months of operation, this is no mean feat, and we are proud to be prospering after three decades and two generations.

But it’s not just about us. Pronamics sponsors other Queenslanders too. Causes such as the Mini-Farm Project, which delivers fresh local produce to reduce food insecurity for those in need.

There’s also Wistari, one of Gladstone’s most historic family sailing boats and a great source of pride for central Queenslanders. This is in addition to our Australia-wide and international clientele who use our estimating software to financially manage their major projects.

Being an SME means we care about our environment and our people, and seek to inspire other small businesses to succeed with an emphasis on good values and good practices.

The current team at Pronamics is close knit and has seen some tough times along with the rest of the world in the past two years. But we look out for each other, as well as doing our best for our clients, because working in a great environment matters to us.

Small businesses employ over 4.5 million people in Australia, and are a critical part of the economy. We are proud to be led by business owners who genuinely care for our well-being and prosperity.

How do you show your love for small business? Email us at marketing@pronamics.com.au to tell us!